Dumb Ass Questions

The Q&A's you see below are real! Please keep sending them in!

How did you come up with this idea?
Well, when I was a male exotic dancer in 1994 I worked with a man that called himself the Truck. When he would come out on stage he would back up to all the ladies and act like he was "driving" off. When he did, his Nutz would start swinging back and forth and it was just so funny that I had to make them for the entire world to see. Ok. That answer is BS. Let's just say it is amazing what you and your buddies will come up with when your drinking a case of bud and sitting around a camp fire!

How big are Truck Nutz?
Well, they are definitely bigger than yours! To be honest they are 6.5" x 4.25" x 3".

I have a store and would like to carry Truck Nutz. Where can I find more information?
Just go to our Retail and Distributors page to find out more!

What are Truck Nutz made of?
Ok Girls, here's my recipe! 1 Part Testosterone, 1 Part Color, 6 Parts Humor and 1 part Hard Plastic.

How much do Truck Nutz cost?
$15.00 for plastic $39.99 for chrome

Are you ever going to add more colors?
Maybe? Shoot me an e-mail with the colors you think would do well and why?

How do you hang Truck Nutz?
I personally use picture-hanging wire (very strong and inexpensive). I have also seen zip ties, shoelaces, and fishing wire get used.

If my Truck Nutz get stolen, Will you give me a refund?
Sure, when you order Truck Nutz fill out the comments section with the following:
I would like to buy Truck Nutz insurance from TruckNutz.com for the purchase price of Truck Nutz on this order. That way, if your Truck Nutz ever get stolen we will replace them.
Now give me a break folks! If your watch gets stolen will Timex give you a new one? The answer here is clearly no, but thank you to the poor slob that asked me that question!

Do you guys have a catalog?
Sure. Go to the order page and once you are there go to file, then print. Now you have a Truck Nutz catalog!

Biker Ballzā„¢
(4" x 2.75" x 1.5") are the ultimate motorcycle accessory.


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